Payment Solutions for Local Government

For over 20 years, Autoagent has been perfecting the ONLY patented platform that cohesively brings ALL your payers together to greatly reduce your office’s pain points by eliminating 95% of refunds and phone calls.

  • mPayments

    Designed for reporting and receiving tax payments from Banks, Tax Servicers, and other Escrow Payers that pay multiple parcels at a time.

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  • iPayments

    Simplified for the individual tax payer to search and pay their bills online, by phone or in-Person payments using their credit card or bank account.

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Payment Solutions for Local Government

Some of Our Government Customers

  • Cheatham County Trustee, TN
    Since 2018
  • Fayette County Trustee, TN
    Since 2018
  • Tulare County Tax Collector, CA
    Since 2015
  • Austin County Appraisal District, TX
    Since 2017
  • Lee County Tax Administration, NC
    Since 2014

Our Promise to You

Our motto is simple – the solution can not be more burdensome than the problem. We know trying something new can be scary so we’ve simplified the entire process from on-boarding and training to day-to-day use of our platform. Do you have 4-hours to invest into perfecting your payment solutions? That’s all it takes when you work with Autoagent!

Free for Government

Government Offices never pay anything to use our platform. Our payers, lenders and tax servicers happily pay a small fee to utilize our great service because they appreciate the value received from their reduction of processing, labor and refunds too!

Completely Cloud Based

There is no software to maintain or install. Our platform is entirely cloud based and managed by us on our highly available, redundant, and secure infrastructure.

Customer Service

Autoagent™ provides 24/7/365 customer service to all customers. This will become an irreplaceable resource for your office and will save your call center valuable time.

Autoagent is Compatible With All In House & 3rd Party Software including...
& Many More!


What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

Henderson County, NC
Extremely Easy. I rarely login due to the automated FTP service and the notifications sent to monitor our daily data refresh and payments. We experienced an issue with payments due to OUR changing parcel number format during the payment season. Autoagent staff was extremely helpful in helping identify the issue and working with Henderson County and Lenders to supply make up payments. Having been our second year with Autoagent, I can still remember having a lot of refunds without Autoagent. Now our refunds are nearly none. Our total refund count was less than 20 across all payments. All of these were due to taxpayer payments within 1 or 2 days.
Navajo County, AZ
Nice and simple... Definitely reduced the number of refunds.
Transylvania County, NC
Very easy process! No issues at all. You have eliminated several refunds. We actually had a drastic reduction in refunds this season. The process was very easy and smooth for us.
Davis County, UT
As you can imagine, we, like other counties in Utah and elsewhere, are very busy with tax payments. I just wanted to reach out and express "THANK YOU" to all at Autoagent. This has been a very good year for us and Autoagent has been helpful in reducing our workload. SPECIFICALLY, with Corelogic, the process was wonderful! We processed over 36,000 parcels; $84.9MM total amount AND ONLY HAD 21 REFUNDS! That is amazing to me, considering two or three years ago before we used Autoagent we had hundreds of refunds. Thanks again to all of you.
Jones County, NC
On reducing refunds: "Oh, yes definitely! Our refunds declined since last year. Could not tell how many exactly, we are such a small county and we accept payments throughout the year. I believe we have refunded only those not using Autoagent. We are trying to get more payers to join. Everything ran very smoothly. 17%-18% of payments came from Autoagent, and that was great for us."
Yuma County, CO
Very Easy. Yes, the number of refunds we had was much lower than in the past. We did have refunds on a couple of properties, but that was due to the delay in processing. When we first received our file and ran a trial, we would have had no refunds to issue.
Saguache County, CO
iPayments has been very successful. A taxpayer took the time to call the office after making their payment to say, "Went in to pay my taxes and it was the easiest place to pay a bill."
Summit County, CO
After our first experience with Autoagent, I wanted to pass on to you that once we got ‘up to speed’ it was a very seamless and smooth process. We definitely had fewer refunds to send.
Marion County Treasurer, IL
I love Autoagent!
Sedgwick, KS
Thank you for your hard work! We are very happy with our system and the hard work Autoagent puts into making tax time smooth.