At Autoagent, our commitment to security and compliance is our #1 priority. We utilize enterprise-grade security, scanning, and 3rd party independent auditors to ensure our customers are always protected.

Autoagent is committed in maintaining its PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliancy through:

  • Continuous Monitoring

  • Automated Testing

  • Third-party Audits

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Regular Penetration Testing

  • Security Reviews


What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

Gilpin County, CO
As the first year using iPayments, it went very smoothly with few questions on our part. Our customers found it easy and the service they received when our office couldn't help was excellent.
Certainly less work than writing 167 checks! Rena has been a tremendous help. I'll definitely use Autoagent again next year
Worcester County, MD
Thank you so much. Our first experience with Autoagent was a success.
Transylvania County, NC
Very easy process! No issues at all. You have eliminated several refunds. We actually had a drastic reduction in refunds this season. The process was very easy and smooth for us.
Davis County, UT
As you can imagine, we, like other counties in Utah and elsewhere, are very busy with tax payments. I just wanted to reach out and express "THANK YOU" to all at Autoagent. This has been a very good year for us and Autoagent has been helpful in reducing our workload. SPECIFICALLY, with Corelogic, the process was wonderful! We processed over 36,000 parcels; $84.9MM total amount AND ONLY HAD 21 REFUNDS! That is amazing to me, considering two or three years ago before we used Autoagent we had hundreds of refunds. Thanks again to all of you.
City of Novi, MI
We were so excited to see our refunds reduced significantly!
Chowan County, NC
Very simple. We enjoyed the ease with which it gave us to upload all of these payments without having to enter them individually by hand. Our refunds dropped drastically. I do not have an exact number but would guess at least 80% of our refunds were avoided this year... The only refunds we had to process were those made by other lenders for parcels already paid by Autoagent users... Communication was never an issue and was always very timely.
Huron County, OH
Extremely easy to use. No issues with any of the payments received...1 refund ... Love the Autoagent reports feature, so easy to use.
Frederick County, MD
Autoagent is extremely easy to use and we have been really pleased with everything so far. Autoagent has been great at reducing the number of refunds our agency has to deal with regarding mass payments. We used to send back up to a couple hundred overpayments during our mass payment import. That has been reduced down to a ‘handful’ ... Autoagent is very timely and informative in its automated e-mails. Autoagent staff also communicate very timely with our agency when an issue or question arises... things have been running very smoothly without issue. Thanks!
Cumberland County, NC
Autoagent reduced our refunds dramatically.