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Our iPayments™ solution provides your tax office the ability to accept secure online payments from individual taxpayers through your website. Using our fully featured shopping cart, taxpayers can locate their parcel(s), add them to their cart, setup automated payments, and submit their payment using credit and debit cards, or eCheck.

  • Seamless Integration with Autoagent mPayments

    iPayments™ is the perfect compliment to Autoagent mPayments and will tell your tax payers if their escrow company is planning or has paid their tax bill. It will block second payment attempts by either side to eliminate duplicate payments.

  • Payments from Anywhere, at Any Time

    Your payers can pay 24/7/365 online using their phone, tablet or computer, by phone using our powerful automated toll free IVR, or in-person at your office using our fast and secure EMV devices. Your
    payments are batched daily and we’ll produce a perfectly balanced payment file to post into your tax software.

  • Competitive Credit Card / eCheck Rates

    Our relationship with the card brands and processors allow us to offer the most competitive rates available in the market today. Combining these rates with an unmatched product and experience will deliver the biggest value for your office and payers.

Individual Payment Features

We’ve built one of the most robust payment solutions for your individual tax payers. Each of these features can be fully customized or enabled depending on your office’s policies or practices.

Exclusively Autoagent

FREE to Government
No setup, monthly, compliance, processing, chargeback, return, batch, or networking fees.
Easy Setup / Roll Out
Just like mPayments, iPayments requires no additional programming or work by your tax office. Simply drop a link on your website and you are up and running!
Proprietary Payment Rules
We'll customize iPayments based on your office's practices using our proprietary set of rulesets. This greatly reduces erroneous payments from being made and refunds to issue.
Interacts with mPayments
Escrow companies will see homeowner payments. Homeowner payments will see escrow payments. You'll see fewer refunds.
24/7/365 Customer Service
Our US based customer service team is available around the clock to answer any questions or concerns.

The Shopping Cart

Collect Taxes, Fees, Licenses, etc
Customize online, in-person, and over the phone payments to your heart's desire. We'll can accept any fee your office collects.
Service Fee Model
Consumers pay the processing costs normally paid by the merchant resulting in $0 operating expenses by your Office.
Current and/or Prior Year Balances
Enable (or disable depending on the time of year) payments for prior or current year taxes. Utilize our proprietary rulesets to ensure you get paid in the order your office prefers.
Partial or Full Amounts
With near real-time balances reported to Autoagent, we can ensure your payer's pay exactly what is owed. If you choose to, we can also accept partial payment on taxes.
Multi-Item Shopping Cart
Reduce your payer fees by allowing them to pay multiple items in a single transaction.

Advanced Reporting

Daily Balanced Payment Files
We'll generate daily payment files that work with your tax software and balance to the penny against each deposit.
Real-Time Transaction Visibility
Transactions are visible instantly whether they were made Online, In-Person, or over the Phone.
Customizable Excel Exporting
View, search, and export your real-time transactions to generate fully customizable reports for your office.
Exportable Payer Lists
Easily research your payers or export the list for use in e-mail marketing.

Credit Card & e-Check

All Major Debit & Credit Cards
Accept payments from all major debit and card cards including Visa / Mastercard / Discover & American Express.
Verified eChecks for Fewer Returns
Our Account Verification covers approximately 95% of U.S. banks and reduces the risk of returns by determining if the provided bank account and ABA routing numbers are real and if the account is open and has no negative history tied to it.
In Person Payments
Process payments in person using our secure EMV card readers. In Person payments support swipe, chip, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and many other payment options.
$0 Chargeback Fees
Unlike most payment providers, we'll absorb any chargeback fees to ensure you truly experience a $0 cost solution.
Receive Deposits in 2 Days
You'll receive your deposits in approximately 2 business days!

IVR / Phone Payments

Toll Free Number
Receive a dedicated toll-free number that your payers can utilize to make payments over the phone using our powerful IVR system.
Fully Automated & Customizable
Fully customizable and intuitive, your payers can search and pay their bills using their debit, credit, or bank accounts.
Current and Prior Year Balances
Customize the type of payments accepted by phone to allow your payer's to make payment on delinquent, current or delinquent and current bills.
Custom Payment Amounts
Just like with online payments, if you choose to, we can accept custom amounts by IVR. This allows for partial payments, installment payments, etc by your callers.
Multi-language Support
Currently available in English and Spanish, your caller can select their preferred language.

Additional Features

Full Automated Payments
Your payers can automate the payment of their bills in full. We'll remind them before any transactions occur and automatically send them a receipt upon completion.
Monthly Automated Payments
Your payers can setup monthly installment payments on their bills using our proprietary escrow analysis tool that balances against balances due. They can also setup a custom monthly payment amount if they prefer.
CMS / Page Editor
Easily manage all pages and information on your customer facing payment portal.
Mailing Address Change Requests
Your payers can digitally request billing address changes on their properties through their iPayment's account. Your office can then approve or deny the change all through our beautiful interface.
eBilling / Notifications
Your Payers can subscribe and download up-to-date PDF statements of their tax bills along with check stubs should they prefer to mail a payment to your office. When payments are made, eBills are automatically updated to reflect the current balance.


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some common questions and answers we get about our iPayments solution.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What types of payments can you collect?

The answer is simple: Pretty much all bill types such as real estate, mobile home, personal tax, utilities, vehicle registration, permits & licenses, etc.

2. Is iPayments customizable?

Yes! We developed iPayments to be fully customizable around your Tax Office. We’ve setup dozens of proprietary rule-sets that can be configured to match your state or local tax office statutes or to simply customize the appearance to match your branding!

3. What does it cost our Office?

Zero! Competitive service fees are charged to your Payers for utilizing iPayments. These get paid directly to Autoagent to eliminate any accounting or balancing issues. Your office will always receive the full bill amount through daily deposits.


What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

St. Mary’s County, MD
I love the addition of each account showing the escrow payment company on my iPayments! Thank you!
Cherokee County, NC
Yay! Payment posted without any errors and NO REFUNDS! Thanks!
Marion County, IL
"Online Payment is the Cat's Meow! Web payment with the now-current system is absolutely straightforward, especially that I could add properties to a shopping cart and pay everything in one transaction. Amazing. And easy. Paying taxes for many is a teeth-gritting situation anyway, so making the actual payment process simple and pleasant goes a long way to not adding to the discontent. Great job. Keep it up!" ~ Marion County Taxpayer
Colleton County, SC
Thank you so much.....this worked so smoothly and it posted perfectly to our QS1 system.
Certainly less work than writing 167 checks! Rena has been a tremendous help. I'll definitely use Autoagent again next year
Thomas Township, MI
“Anytime I have a question or need to direct someone to customer service, I have such great success! Autoagent is the best!!! I recommend them to every municipality!!”
Watauga County, NC
Everything was smooth and efficient! Thank you!
Navajo County, AZ
Nice and simple... Definitely reduced the number of refunds.
Gilpin County, CO
As the first year using iPayments, it went very smoothly with few questions on our part. Our customers found it easy and the service they received when our office couldn't help was excellent.
Lancaster County, SC
CoreLogic and Wells Fargo transactions were a huge success!! I would for sure recommend Autoagent to all Counties!!