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What Our Customers Are Saying

We take pride in our platform and customer service and average under one hour response time on all inquiries.

Travis County, TX
Autoagent is very simple & easy... We still had some (refunds) but not as many. This year we had 155. Last year we had 531 refunds. The dashboard was very informative... Your team was always very quick to respond.
Huron County, OH
Extremely easy to use. No issues with any of the payments received...1 refund ... Love the Autoagent reports feature, so easy to use.
Knox County, OH
Very Easy. No issues with the payments we received. Always very helpful when I needed assistance. Thanks again for making the collection of CoreLogic and Lereta go smoothly.
Seminole County, FL
Always a pleasure to do business with AutoAgent!
Jefferson County, OH
Exceed Expectations. Love using Autoagent for our banks and mortgage companies.
Knox County, TN
Knox County is very satisfied and happy (All 3 years). Thanks for everything you do for us.
Auglaize County, OH
We had only 1 refund that would have pertained to Autoagent and that is because CoreLogic had picked up a wrong parcel and paid it.
Gilpin County, CO
As the first year using iPayments, it went very smoothly with few questions on our part. Our customers found it easy and the service they received when our office couldn't help was excellent.
Defiance County, OH
Very easy. Worked wonderfully! No issues at all... didn’t need to interact with any payers on AA. I think we have not had any (refunds) this year!!! We are very happy using Autoagent. We could not even believe how smooth and easy this process would be, until we saw it really happening. Thank you!
Tulare County, CA
It was very easy. We did all the setup and automation work previously, so that made it breeze to use in December 2016... Yes, refunds have been reduced from before we used Autoagent.